Application Development
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-Andrew Bowles (Chelco Signs)

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Jarrod from SME Services Group was able to explain concepts in an easy to understand way, which was much appreciated

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We would like to thank Jarrod and the team at SME Services Group for producing a highly professional website for our business

-Wendy Lehmann (Lehmann Featherstone Lawyers)

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-Tony & Lesley Henebery (Hills Irrigation)

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From the day to day runnings right through to Web Development and Implementing Systems, SME Services Group has been very valuable to my business

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We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems

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Application Development

Does your business have special requirements that just can’t effectively be met with ‘off the shelf’ software or solutions?

Our dedicated development arm specialise in developing customised solutions to solve the needs of our clients. Whether it’s simplifying operations, reducing administrative resources, increasing business visibility or solving a unique problem your business is facing – our team have the technical and analytical ‘know how’ to get the job done.

From App Development to CRM (Client Relationship Management) & Document Management systems, to Warehousing, Inventory & Logistics systems (including handheld device integration) through to Multistore Retail Management tools and all the way through to custom Point of Sale solutions, our team deliver highly functional and effective results.

Our team work with top software providers, such as MYOB to develop add on modules to take industry leading software to the next level and tailor it to your business requirements.

Our Recent Projects

Woodbury House Furniture

Woodbury House Furniture

About our Client

Woodbury House Furniture are a Premium Furniture Retailer, with showrooms in Castle Hill and Homebush, NSW

About the Project

We were engaged by Woodbury House Furniture to review their sales and inventory workflow to better manage customer orders and delivery management.

To deliver against their needs, our team developed an interface between their existing front of house Point of Sale package and a custom designed Web App to sync all Customer and Sales data into their bespoke platform.

Woodbury House now utilise this platform to manage Customer Deliveries and Stock Movements, as well as Inventory and Warehouse Management, Stock Forecasting, Profitability Reporting, Customer Complaints and Management and Supplier Management.

Teaching Services Australia

Teaching Services Australia

About our Client

Teaching Services Australia provide band programs and instrument tuition to over 50 schools throughout Greater Sydney and the Central Coast.

About the Project

Teaching Services Australia engaged our team to develop an online portal to migrate thei school enrolment system from their existing paper based format to a completely paperless and automated workflow.

This included an online class enrolment portal for the 50+ schools managed by Teaching Services Australia, as well as online payment gateway facility for parents to purchase or rent musical instruments and accessories.

We also developed a connector to their existing Business Management and Accounting software for automated entry from our Web App to avoid any double handling of data.

Teaching Services Australia estimate that this has saved approximately 160 hours per enrolment period of administrative time in data entry and management – making their payback on their software development less than 1 month!

M&S Stainless Steel

M&S Stainless Steel

About our Client

M&S Stainless Steel are leading Stainless Steel Stockist and Supplier based in Sydney, NSW.

About the Project

We were engaged by M&S Stainless to address inventory and logistics hurdles within their business that were uncovered during a review of their Supply Chain and Logistics processes.

In order to develop an end-to-end solution, our team interfaced with their existing ERP software to pull live sales and inventory data into our bespoke Web App in order to address limitations with inventory management between multiple warehouses and sales points, as well as provide better reporting on inventory holding and warehouse utilisation.

Once integrated, M&S Stainless Steel commissioned a second phase, including development of a paperless delivery workflow – inclusive of a custom app being developed for their iPhones to allow allocation of orders, live update of driver location and delivery status and automated Proof of Delivery and Invoice Distribution upon delivery, giving better transparency into their delivery process and reducing their environmental impact by optimising driver runs by geography and removing an entire paper based element to their business.

Dexara Projects

Dexara Projects

About our Client

Dexara Projects are a Potts Point based Construction and Refurbishment Project Management Firm, Specialising in Commercial and Aged Care Refurbishment

About the Project

Dexara Project commissioned us to develop an online Business Management platform, encompassing Project Management, Income Forecasting, QA Management, Subcontractor Management and Compliance and CRM.

With a very clear vision to what they wanted to achieve, our team worked alongside Dexara to deliver a robust, powerful and user friendly solution for use both by administrators within their office, and site staff via a responsive iPhone portal.

This Web App has become a critical tool to manage clients, projects, compliance, staff and forecasting, including a suite of business intelligence reports.

Limcora Plumbing

Limcora Plumbing

About our Client

Based in Mulgrave NSW, Limcora Plumbing was founded in 1977 and has since grown to a business employing over 35 staff, as well as 10 subcontractors, specialising in construction, commercial and residential plumbing.

About the Project

Limcora Group engaged SME Services Group to review their current Accounting and Invoicing system setup.

Upon review, several areas of improvement were identified to upgrade weak points in Limcora’s existing setup, and implement robust solutions to ensure the growth of the business was being supported with the correct Accounting and I.T solutions.

As part of this upgrade a custom Web App was developed to remove reliance on previous systems and provide a higher level of automation for project, invoice and account management.

The team at SME Services Group developed a connecter to transfer live data from Limcora’s existing Accounting package into their Web App in order to provide a higher level of reporting, visibility and automation to key shareholders within the business.

Automation tools for Job and Invoice Management, Accounts Receivable Reminder Workflows and Statements were also developed as part of this project.